Using a browser type into the address bar and hit return. When the Sky Hubs interface loads then click on the Wireless tab, type admin as the user and sky as the password. Untick the synchronise the two wifi bands box and edit one of the two SSIDs so you can tell them apart. Click apply which will cause the hub to restart.

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The new SKY Go service was launched a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been making good us of it keeping an eye on the cricket throughout my day. Because its now bundled with your subscription for free, SKY have been a bit more restrictive devices you can watch it on – i.e. 2. I ran into this issue quite quickly, I registered my iPhone and iPad as devices, then went off to register my PC and

So you need to change your 5GHz SSID to a unique name or you need to go back to OS X 10.5, or you can change the 2.4GHz channel from within the router. I think these options are non-valid in your case. UPDATE As maxim points out, you can force a frequency band and use that to fix to 5GHz.