Mar 06, 2011

Google won’t record your searches but it does not mean that they will delete your previous history. There is no way you can delete all your data with Google. Delete Browsing History doesn't work anymore on Windows 10 Sep 03, 2015 I keep deleting my history and it won't delete, doesn't

You're signed out, which means Search isn't saving any data to a Google Account. Learn about your signed-out Search activity and discover how this data makes Google services work better for you.

When you aren’t signed in, some information about your Google activity is saved in a cookie or similar technology on your device to help Google work better for you. Learn more about cookies. You can use the tools below to manage your experience on this device. How to delete your Google Play Store history from your You can delete your Google Play history at any time, which will remove all of your past searches, and free up space on your phone. To delete your Google Play search history, you'll need to access How to Delete Your Google Search History

Apr 11, 2020

» What to do if Google Chrome won’t clear Browsing History What to do if Google Chrome won’t clear Browsing History and Data in Windows 10 As you know, one of the most popular browser these days is the Google Chrome browser. Browsing the web every day using your Chrome browser, leaves a trail of browsing history. Bing - Search History Your search history isn't available right now. Check back later How to Delete Your Google Search History - Tom's Guide Click Settings > History on the bottom right of the home page. You'll have to re-enter …