Apr 27, 2017

You can use "Hey Google" instead of "OK Google" with Nov 04, 2016 Android users can now say “Ok Google” to send a message Jul 29, 2015 "OK Google" Voice Detection | Issue FIX and Setup - YouTube

Issa Rae is bringing her voice to Google Assistant. You can hear Issa Rae answer your questions, tell you about the weather, offer words of inspiration and more, while the regular Assistant voice handles the rest. Just say “Hey Google, talk like Issa” to get started.

10 cool things you can do with Google Home devices | TechHive That’s because Google Home taps into Google Translate, so you can use it to translate words, phrases, or as a real-time translator. To find the translation of a word or phrase, say, “OK How to pronounce ok google | HowToPronounce.com How to say ok google in English? Pronunciation of ok google with 1 audio pronunciation, 2 meanings, 3 translations and more for ok google.

POLL: Do you say 'Hey Google' or 'Ok Google'? : googlehome

Google If you have more than one Google Home device in your home, you can broadcast to every single one simultaneously, sort of like an intercom. If you say, "OK Google, broadcast that it's dinner Google Assistant: 30+ Super Useful Voice Commands You Oct 07, 2017 Every OK Google Commands - 150 Voice Commands for Google For example, you say, “Ok Google, set a reminder for 6 PM,” and then you can also say, “Ok Google, remind me of my 6 PMreminder 10 minutes before.” So each command can be used in different variations, making the Google Assistant one convenient aide to have for Android users. “Ok Google, tell me a joke”