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Make sure that the power switch on the right side is set to I (on) 2. If your home network already has security set up (recommended): a. Connect the PLW400 to a power outlet near your main wireless router b. On the PLW400, press and hold the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button at least one second, until the the Wi-Fi Protected Setup LED flashes c. How to Change WiFi Name and Password Linksys Router On the Security Mode field, select WPA2 Personal . WPA2 Personal is also referred to as PSK2 on some Linksys routers. Enter your new password in the Password field. The new username and password will not be activated on the router until you save or confirm the change. How do I set up security on my linksys router afte Setting up your wireless connection in your router. 1.Open Internet Explorer and type into the address bar. 2.You will now get a sign-in box, User Name = … Top Ten Tips For Setting Up Your Router - Linksys Router placement is key. For the strongest signal, optimal performance, and widest coverage area, …

Once all information is set click on 'Save Settings' Click To View Full Picture. Step 5. Now click on 'Wireless Security' For 'Security Mode:' you will have multiple options, for the sake of keeping this guide simple I recommend you choose WPA. WPA is widely supported by wireless cards and allows you to set your own password.

Nov 27, 2013 How to Install Your Linksys Wireless Router - How to setup

This guide will take you step by step to setup wireless security on a Linksys wireless router. You can also follow these same steps to find your wireless network security key. To begin we will need to connect a computer with an Ethernet cable directly to the Linksys router.

Under the Wireless Security option, enter a pass-phrase and click Generate. This will generate a password which will be needed by any client trying to connect to your router. Setting-Up a DSL connection on a LinkSys Router . To set up a DSL internet connection, follow the steps outlined below. Securing the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router Sep 10, 2007 Linksys Simplifies Wireless Security | PCWorld Jul 26, 2005