Here’s more information about CIPA, censorship, and how to collaborate on the best policies to implement at your school. CIPA compliance and the 2011 expansion. School districts are not legally required to implement these rules, but schools that meet CIPA requirements qualify for discounts on their internet and intranet services.

—Censorship: schools blocking sites that are of educational value. What to do if your school is filtering the internet. Internet filters prevent students from freely browsing the internet. As explained on our issue page (insert link), filters frequently rely on keywords to block inappropriate material. Are the Web Filters at Your School Too Restrictive? - The Sep 27, 2016 High School Internet Censorship Essay - 1019 Words | Bartleby High School Internet Censorship The common image that comes to mind on the topic of censorship is that of book burning. Dating back to ancient times, the easiest way to deal with unwanted writings has been to get rid of them, usually by heaping them into a blazing pyre. In his most famous science How Internet Filtering Can Affect Education | Resilient

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Internet Censorship and Government Regulation Essay 1058 Words | 5 Pages. In 2011, several people started a “Don’t Filter Me project.” They wanted to remove the web filters on the school computers that blocked several educational sites.

Apr 26, 2016 School Internet Censorship Impairs a Student’s Ability to May 05, 2017 The Debate on Internet Censorship in Public Schools Oct 09, 2011 The First Amendment in Schools: Censorship - National