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Ass Mode – Dispatches from the Asylum Ass Mode. February 18, 2020 Decker Culture, Current Events, Home 3 comments (no offense to the donkeys) Just as taking a couple cans of paint and splashing the contents on dry wall, expecting the dumping will end up looking like the ceilings in the Sistine Chapel; so too, thinking that innocents can fully understand a lick of the non-humans scottish king: ass mode May 07, 2012

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This Craig Ferguson Ass Mode cross stitch pattern comes from the intros to his Tweetmail segment. The first jingle of the Twitter era introduced us to Ass Möde, and the phrase carried over into every intro. The jingles themes ranged from The Beatles and Bollywood to David Bowie and Japanese monster

The Toilette, called The countess's morning levee by Hogarth himself, is the fourth canvas in the series of six satirical paintings known as Marriage A-la-Mode painted by William Hogarth.. The old earl has died, so the son is now the new earl, and his wife is the countess. As was still the fashion at the time, the countess is holding a reception during her "toilette", her grooming, in her

May 07, 2012