Getting Netflix: Netflix has a free app available in the iPad's App Store. To find, it just type "netflix" in …

I was advised in the meantime I could have Netflix on my iPad but don’t know how. I don’t have an existing Netflix account so I’ve tried activating using my Sky ID on Netflix app and website, and also just logging onto the app using my Sky details, but neither works. Obvs can’t speak to anyone at Sky as they’re not taking phone calls. How can I watch Netflix on my TV? For most TVs, the Netflix app will be visible from the main menu or home screen. If your TV has an app store where you can download new apps, try searching for Netflix to see if the app is available. Sometimes a device update is needed to find and install the Netflix app. How to download Netflix to ipad 3? - Apple Community

Oct 31, 2018

How do I get Netflix from my sky Q account to work New iPad what's login for netflix Hi @RussG21 If it's a new Netflix account on Sky Q and you haven't set up a password for your Netflix account you need to do this before you can use Netflix on other devices. I have a Disney+ account that I use on my IPad but we can I have a Disney+ account that I use on my IPad but we can’t download it on my 10 yr old LG tv. I get Netflix. My connection is with Fido’s and I have been on the phone with them for 2 hrs & they said to call you i I sorry, it’s Fios

If you have the iPad 2 or the original iPad Mini you will be familiar with the feeling. This device can’t run the latest software update, and also they can’t download Netflix from the app store because it’s not compatible with the iPad. You can’t just abandon Netflix just because your device wants you to.

I did not have Netflix in my iTunes Library. I just added the latest version to my library. I wasn't backing up my iPad. I used it SOLELY for Netflix. Now it seems my perfectly working iPad is perfectly useless. (I wonder if Steve Jobs saw that coming.) – Evik James Jun 25 '17 at 23:11 Netflix says 'This app is not compatible with your device.' The most recent version of the Netflix app for Android is not compatible with every Android device running Android 5.0 (Lollipop). If you downloaded the Netflix app from the Play Store and saw a message directing you to install an earlier compatible version, you can download a compatible version of the Netflix … Netflix Get DVDs by mail plus instantly watch some movies on your PC, Mac, or TV. How to Sign In to the Netflix App on Xfinity X1 – Xfinity