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Which is More Secure: Windows, Linux, or macOS? | SentinelOne 2. Linux is the Most Secure Because it’s Open Source. We see people arguing this all the time. The many eyes theory of security is patently flawed. As SentinelOne researcher Dor Dankner recently showed, Linux has a little-recognised privilege escalation vulnerability that was introduced to the Linux kernel in 2004. Despite the code having 11 Steps to Secure SQL - UpGuard May 14, 2020

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15 Most Secure Linux Distros for Privacy and Security Then Kodachi Linux is one of the best most secure Linux distros that you would love to have. Many users are saying that this is the most secure Linux distro that they have ever had. Personally, I have never tested, though. This Operating System comes with Tor, a VPN, and DNSCrypt and can be booted easily from a DVD or USB drive. 8 Best Ways To Secure Linux Server 2020 (Linux Server Mar 02, 2020

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Top Server OS, Best Server Operating Systems! Ubantu Server is said to be secure, fast and economically scalable, it helps make the most of infrastructure. Whether to deploy a cloud or a web farm, Ubuntu Server supports the most popular hardware and software. CentOS Server – Linux distribution Project by Red Hat Enterprise Linux # Setting Up and Configuring a Linux Mail Server - Plesk Dec 15, 2019 operating systems - Why is Linux considered more secure Linux isn't really more secure than Windows. It's really more a matter of scope than anything. No matter what malware, exploits, and bad users exist EVERYWHERE. One being more secure than the other is nothing more than anecdotal evidence. Malware exists for *nix, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Symbian, Xbox(yes), hard drives, and bios.