What is the difference between a subnet mask and a gateway

Subnet Masks and Routing A subnet mask is used by a router to learn which of the bits in an address refer to the subnet and which bits refer to the host. Suppose the Class C address is, which in binary is 11001101.00100010.00001111.01000101 The subnet mask, constructed in binary, consists of a 1 marking each bit of the subnet address and a 0 marking each /23 Default Gateway? - Cisco Community Hi Guys Hoping for a little advice around where a default gateway can be within a /23 subnet. I Currently I have a site with a /24 shown below Current Range - Site 11 IP Range - 10.1.11.X Mask - DG - I have well over 200+ devices currently utilising this subnet with static r

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Thanks for A2A. Let us first talk about default gateway. To understand default gateway, you need to first understand what is public and private network. Private network - as the name suggests is private i.e anything which is hosted on this network How to Find and Change IP Address, Subnet Mask & Default Sep 12, 2017 Routing table - Wikipedia

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