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"Installation aborted because the add-on appears to be Jul 26, 2019 firefox-addon - Getting started with firefox-addon Firefox add-ons, particularly extensions, are in a state of flux at the moment. Mozilla has announced, and confirmed, that they have deprecated all types of Firefox extensions, except WebExtensions, and that all non-WebExtensions based extensions will be disabled in Firefox 57, which is scheduled for 2017-11-14.

In the Firefox Add-ons area of Mozilla, you can review version compatibility information on the page for each available extension. If your installed version of Firefox does not fit within that range, installing the add-on results in an error, indicating that the add-on is not compatible.

Aug 27, 2019 Tree Style Tab add-on for Firefox lets you arrange your

Add-ons for Firefox (en-US)

The add-on bar - Mozilla | MDN Firefox 4 eliminates the status bar from the bottom of the browser window in favor of a new toolbar located at the bottom of the window. This new toolbar, with the ID "addon-bar", is a standard XUL ; add-ons can insert content into it, and the user can drag buttons into it while customizing their toolbars.This is the primary difference between the add-on bar and the old status bar